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Let’s Start The Consultation. What Does your Brand Need?

A Better Marketing Strategy

Even Forbes 500 companies make massive marketing strategy errors, so don’t you feel bad about it: BUT, you should quickly do something about it. Here, you will find some points to check, so that you may correct the course and recover the loss. If not, you can always drop an email and start working with us.

  • Make sure your strategy is built upon the psychographics, not demographics of your target audience.

  • F*** the 4P,5P, 4P1C or any other acronym. Prioritize the 1C: The Consumer, and build the strategy around their life.

  • Are you using the correct platforms and channels? Are you sure? If so, you are probably using the same content & key visual on all the platforms. DON’T.

  • You are hitting all the right notes, but still, the song comes off wrong? That’s because the segmentation of your consumer base is wrong. Start data mining and revise them.

  • You are 100% sure your plan is sound but still, you are not getting any results? Perhaps, that’s because your insight extraction and reporting are uncalibrated.

  • All the above seems confusing and not sure if you can handle them? Start searching for a professional help.

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Smarter Workflows

According to a study, an average employee wastes their 56 minutes a day with manual tasks that can be automated. Add this to the conventional red-tape style of doing business, and you have a snail-level of work speed. That needs to change for you, now.

  • If your lead to sales conversion operation lasts more than 8 hours, you have a problem in your funnel: Try to shorten it by automation.

  • Your CRM data fulfillment rate should be no less than 85%. If that’s less than the rate, you should think about switching to a better CRM solution and train your staff.

  • Is there any meaningless manual operation your team gets done by hand? Whatever it is, make sure to minimize it by software so that everyone can focus what really matters.

  • Whatever you do, if you can’t convert your financial flows into digital, and accounting still depends on XLS files, you are doing it all wrong. There are great SaaS that can help you with that.

  • Getting reports out of anyone is a big deal? Well, no reports mean no insights: You cannot run an efficient business without feedbacks & reporting: Fix it and fix it fast.

  • All the above seems confusing and not sure if you can handle them? Start searching for a professional help:

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More Leads & Sales

Brands depend on sales; sales depend on the leads you generated and lead conversion is in direct relation with how you treat your leads. If many promising leads turn to dust in the end; you are doing it all wrong.

  • Are you and your team familiar with lead nurturing? If not, first, get them a good training about the concept: You will see at least a 2% increase in conversion in the first week!

  • Did you implement “Marketing-Qualified” & “Sales-Qualified” status to your lead generation funnels? If not, it’s an easy but quick way to separate the good and the bad leads.

  • If people are coming to buy, but decide to bail out at the final steps, it’s better to retrace those steps. Somewhere, someone might be saying the wrong thing or showing a misleading total, for example.

  • Whatever you do, if you can’t convert your leads into sales, you might as well take a look at your Reason To Buy list. Are you communicating the right angles of the product/service you provide?

  • It’s always a good strategy to let your leads give you their honest feedback, and all that will cost you a small discount or an incentive. Do that, and you’ll be amazed what you and the whole team keeps missing when it comes to unfulfilled leads.

  • All the above seems confusing and not sure if you can handle them? Start searching for a professional help:

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More Site Traffic

Depending on what is on your site, the importance of the quality or the quantity of the traffic changes: What doesn’t change, however, is the fact that your site needs to be up to date when it comes to SERP, SEO, and monitoring.  In addition, creating more and more traffic sources is the name of the game.

  • Make sure your traffic is well monitored with tools like Google Tag Manager and/or Hotjar. Knowing where the traffic bounce or exits makes all the difference.

  • Everyone talks about SEO, yet a few mastered the art of taming the crawlers. Make sure you have a sustainable SEO strategy in place to drive organic traffic.

  • What is the least traffic generating channel? Which one has the worst bounce rate? These two questions show you where your website hurts: Deploy tactics to drive more from these channels.

  • Is your SEM strategy wrong? There are two tells: High bounce rate and low CTR. Check your ad sets and targeted audience to figure out what you are saying and what the user finds are the same things.

  • Retargeting? Remarketing? Custom Audiences? Lookalikes? Interests? If none of these words are covered in your SEM strategies, it’s high time that you get yourself some help.

  • All the above seems confusing and not sure if you can handle them? Start searching for a professional help:

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